Sustainable Utopian Design: towards reality

The power of invent-believe

My endeavour consists of emphasizing the value of a utopic approach in practices like sustainable design. What is not concrete generates instability, uncertainty and lack of security. These invisible constraints block individual creativity from arising. Navigating ambiguity is crucial to create innovative ideas, by exploring ill-defined problems and utopic scenarios. In my work, I followed two paths: one diachronic, outlining the historical development of sustainable utopias, the other synchronic, trying to capture a shoot of contemporary controversies. However, the facets of the theme are not always positive, and designers have to juggle carefully to balance the negative sides. The analysis of two of my recent projects results in an openness to the exploration of human farsightedness and the problems attached to it. The climax of this investigation comes in drafting a manifesto. What if the real cultural revolution of this century will be to accept to radically change our behaviour?

July 2020


Written for Critical & Historical Studies, RCA (2020). Awarded with Distinction from ABCD (Academic Board of Concessions and Discipline). Permanent part of RCA library.

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