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Turn a plant into a sensor

Mimosa represents the first prototype for a public installation that opens providing shelter from the rain. The structure is activated both by human touch on the plant and through contact with rainwater. It has been possible to transform a sensitive mimosa into a sensor, studying its electrical activity. We have reversed the mechanical resistance of the plant which, instead of closing, is used to trigger our artificial system.
This simulates the true organic movement. It is integrated with a pH meter that controls the colour of the light in the installation, warning the user about the acidity of the rain.

Selected to be exhibited during Imperial  College WIP show 2020


December 2019

Mimosa - Matteo Guerrato & Yanbang Li-09.jpg
Mimosa - Matteo Guerrato & Yanbang Li-10.jpg
Mimosa - Matteo Guerrato & Yanbang Li-11.jpg
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