Connectivity, refedined.

Jan 2021

Grove is a green tech social media service that targets video streaming & social networking. It is designed to cut carbon emissions and form sustainable online habits.

We are tackling carbon emissions generated by social media platforms. Digital carbon footprint - the CO2 emissions generated by internet usage - has a larger impact on the environment than the aviation industry. In 2030, internet traffic alone will account for 10% of global energy demand. Today, 81% of internet traffic stems from video streaming and social networking platforms, whose services rely on ‘attention-hacking’ strategies to increase consumers’ time spent on their platforms to drive targeted ads. Not only are they destroying society’s digital wellbeing, but they are also fuelling climate change by encouraging unhealthy and unsustainable online habits.

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< Grove is ML-powered with 2 key elements:

1. Cross-platform personalised recommendations to ensure easy access to all forms of content. In doing so, we promote ‘lighter’, less energy-intensive content, like text and audio.

2. User-controlled recommendations and tracking. In this way, we enable mindful consumption and limit excessive usage.

In 2030, grove could potentially reduce global internet traffic by 13% and reduce global energy demand by 1.17%, equivalent to powering half the homes across Europe today.

^ Internet traffic travels over network infrastructure (e.g. mobile networks and wifi) and energy is required to power them. Many digital platforms have transitioned their data centres onto renewable energy sources. However, because network infrastructure are rigid systems, they will continue to be powered by fossil fuels, contributing to global carbon emissions.

Take YouTube, for example. Their ML-powered recommendation algorithm is an effective strategy that drives more than 70% of consumers’ time spent streaming, equating to over 1 billion hours of videos watched per day.

In fact, this year, video streaming alone is expected to produce more CO2 than the United Kingdom and Argentina combined.

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