A dematerialized watch

In a world ruled by smartphones, the watch loses its primary function. Does it become just an aesthetic accessory, or is it a symbol? 
Gap supports the idea of the biological rhythm instead of the frenetic and constrictive time of the machine. The void represents the absence of preoccupation. Raised as a design element, the void is applied to every distinctive element of the watch. 
The watch’s mechanism is shifted from the central position to the strap, reducing the importance of the machine. As a result, the hollow dial shows the time using a single hand that indicates both hours and minutes. The strap doesn’t have a buckle; it easily opens by modifying its shape. It also flattens, providing a base for the watch when placed on a surface. Additionally, the band doesn’t close entirely, leaving a gap with the case.

Designed for the accessories company Ops!Objects.
Exposed during DesignxDesigners 2018 (Milano Design Week).
Exposed during the PoliMi openday 2018-2019.

RENDER FIGO2.68tb.jpg

January 2018